Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

There are many kinds of social media tools that business professionals use to provide the newest product information and advertise their brand. Today, I will give 5 example of the social midea tools that you may interested about them:

1. Facebook

In the facebook, it has a fuction that allows business professionals create a public page for their company. After the website is created, their can post much wonderful information, sale information, or new activities on that facebook page. At the same time, millions of people who are interested in that brand (company) and follow the facebook public page can immidiatly get the newest information on facebook. In this case, Facebook is very useful for advertising products.

2. Twitter

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is also very easy and helpful to expand information or advertise. People from all the world who followed someone on Twitter will receive their post in 1 second.This amazing technology really helps company to introduce their stuff to customers.

3. Yammer

“Yammer is an excellent tool for encouraging communication between employees” the TNW website says that:”The app allows you to sync your desktop application with your mobile application, retaining key features such as polls, events, questions and ideas. Introducing Yammer into the workplace is no small undertaking, particularly for larger organisations, but with the right education for employees it can radically change the way colleagues collaborate and share information. While some businesses might see this as just another distraction in the workplace, if you put effort into making this really work for you and encouraging the right kind of connections between employees, it can help you become efficient and more importantly, connected.”

4. Linked-in

It is a very useful tool to finding a job, for employees, and contact business professionals. So, the business professionals can use Linked-in to provides a change that people can find their liked business professionals on that social media tool.

5. Name Check List

The TNW website says: “This is an essential tool both for established businesses as well as startups who might be deciding on their new company name.” Business professionals can use this social media tool to check whether their new company name is used by someone else. It is very easy to use and save time.

For more information, I give the two links that I researched on:

1. The Next Web

2. Social Media Examiner


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